Customized in New York City ©2020
Customized in New York City ©2020
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- Future Mythology -



Hyacinth, the human lover of god Apollo died accidentally by a disk thrown by Apollo. No power, medicine or magic could heal the wounds made by fate. Apollo turned Hyacinth’s blood into a flower. A beautiful product of love, celebration and symbolism.



Made out of blood, tears and sweat. Customized Sneakers. Customized by hand in the Lower East Side, New York City. Filling in what is missing. A comment on the present. Without taking it too seriously - you never know what it will be. 

Designed, created and produced by Tobias Ulmer, almost named HYACINTHUS - if his grandma could have convinced his mom. He is a creative director, New York resident and born in Germany.


The future is stupid. 
(Jenny Holzer, 1982)